Quick dash

I got some off-the-shelf orthotic insoles last night, on the hopes that I might be able to walk further than from the car to my desk without causing pain. It was late when I got in yesterday & Steve is the one who does the walking after-dark, so I went out for a quick dash around the block at lunchtime today. I only had about 20 minutes as there were timed support tasks to be done, but I thought that would be enough to whizz round the block.

It’s been so long since I did anything approaching proper exercise that I’d gone about a third of the way before I remembered to turn on runkeeper. If it’s not in runkeeper, it didn’t happen, so by that rule I only walked just under 2km ~ boo!

However, I only over-ran my timeslot by 5 minutes and so far there are no crippling after-effects. These old-lady shoe-props might be just the thing…


I was reading a blog post this evening about forming useful habits and building them into your routine. Item 6 was to write down your goals, and item 7 was to visualise yourself succeeding at these goals.

While I don’t disagree on the value of having tangible, written goals which form an explicit statement of intent, I’ve experienced a different way of visualising goal achievement which I have found to be more helpful. One of the several books or websites I’ve read (I can’t actually remember which one – possibly Dan Kennedy or Jeffrey Gitomer) or listened to said that rather than visualising yourself succeeding in your goals and crossing the finish line, visualise yourself working hard to achieve your goals. See yourself doing the hard stuff, doing it with determination, and not giving up.

This I have found very, very useful, especially with running. I combine some visualisation pre-run of me running slowly but surely through the kilometres I’ve planned to run that day, followed by some during-run visualisation of me having a lovely warm shower afterwards and me carrying round a smug “I’ve done exercise” glow for the rest of the day.

The key to this is that in visualising yourself at the end with success, you bypass the journey it takes to get there. As well as acknowledging that what you want to achieve won’t just fall into your lap, I find there is also an aspect of enjoying or appreciating the journey it takes to get there. It’s rare that I visualise myself running through cold, raining, wet streets (although that’s what it was mainly like in November), and more often the not, the sun is shining in my mind.

All I have to do now is get back to the running & exercising, and ideally visualise myself remembering to take more tissues with me when I run.

not able to find class in oneToMany relationship (laravel4)

My first problem at work today was related to name spaces. Something that worked yesterday before I ran automated API tests wasn’t working: I have a Candidate/CandidateAddress relationship where one Candidate may have multiple addresses. For some reason, even though everything is namespaced, I was getting “Class CandidateAddress not found”.

This is a really helpful tip, but a misleadingly expansive title: https://coderwall.com/p/nhwq8w
…and didn’t do the magic

Whereas the answer to this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19731097/class-comment-not-found-laravel-4/19732415#19732415

…actually solved my problem.

It’s not as neat as I’d like, but it works.
(apologies tot he non-techies who will see this through FB – when I”m not at work I will fix IFTTT to not post notes-to-self)