It occurs to me that I haven’t posted about the newest members of our family. Lily has been asking for a pet for a while now. She has further qualified that to be a pet with legs that doesn’t live in the water (i.e. not a goldfish. or a turtle or a snake). In her ideal world she would have had a dog, but there’s no way we’re getting a dog, for many many reasons.

After much research about suitable pets (with a suitable lifespan 😉 ) we settled on a pair of rats.

Here’s Lily with the rats’ home, ready to receive its residents…

empty cage

You’ll notice the cat costume. I want to say something about not freaking the rats out too early, but the thought won’t form in my mind. So on we go…

We didn’t want to get the rats before Lily’s birthday party as we thought 10 8 year old girls would be a lot to handle. So the Tuesday after her birthday, Daddy took them on a rat hunt.

They came back with rescue rats. It turns out they aren’t so much rescue rats as slightly-faulty rats they felt they couldn’t charge full price for as I don’t think they’ve technically been rescued from anywhere other than Pets-at-Home by us.

Snowy has had an accident at some point which means her head is permanently cocked on an angle. It turns out this causes her some slight balance problems but quite honestly you can see why. Ellie has a cataract in one eye. I haven’t noticed it causing her any problems so far…

And here they are.

I like to think that on this last one, for those who have watched “Four Lions”, snowy is doing “counter-surveillance”…

They already seem to have their own personalities. Although Ellie was very reluctant to come out of the box and seems more timid, she is the most adventurous when she’s pottering around Lily’s room. She was the first to discover Behind The Radiator and Behind The Bookshelf, and has been up on lily’s bed (the bottom bunk). Whereas Snowy was quite bitey at first (although nowhere near the damage Bruiser inflicted as a young kitten) she isn’t as bold as this would suggest and tends to stay under cover when out of their home.

Lily has taken to sleeping on the bottom bunk so that she can spring to their defence in the night should Bruiser suddenly enter and attack. Bruiser spends her nights outside and so far has shown zero interest in the rats (she glanced at them, shrugged, and then jumped up on the bed).

So, so far it’s all going… quite well. My main problem is that they live in Lily’s room, and after she’s gone to bed we can’t play with them 🙁

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