Some of you may know that my mother in law recently acquired a small dog, Poppy. She’s white & fluffy and very puppy like. Unfortunately, she gets cold when she goes outside.

So I offered, in a moment of “there’s all the time in the world”, to knit her a doggy coat.

A quick ravelry search turned up a few gems, but given that I wasn’t confident of Poppy’s size, other than by using her breed (Bishon Frise or something) as a guide (which, handily, one of the patterns does!), I didn’t want to get too ambitious on the first one. See? It’s a slippery slope: I offer to knit one and already in my head she has a wardrobe full. I’m loving this barcode coat (you put your phone number along the side – 101 dalmations re-enactment detected!) (or, indeed, an open invitation to stalkers) but a bit much effort if it turns out too small and it’s only available within a book with many other patterns I don’t want (sorry!).

So I went with a simple Berocco designs option, “Buster“. Quite honestly, the dog shown couldn’t be more different to Poppy. However, it’s generic and given the pattern’s pedigree (see what I did there?!), I thought it would be a winner. The slight shame is that the shoulder seams seemed a bit mis-matched, so there was some cludging and if it ever fits snugly, it will be embarrassingly lumpy.

poppys jumper

So, I launched into knitting it (in somewhat of a hurry as MIL indicated they were waiting for it – oops!) using the flecked aran (easy wash plastic) yarn I had left over from Lily’s Ruby poncho. Shortly before it was done I saw Poppy and began to worry that it wasn’t going to be big enough.

Sure, it was finished and looking lovely, but she’s surprisingly stocky for a small fluffy white dog, and snugness with puppy’s generally means “tricky to get on”.

Lily modelled it for me, and it turns out that if it fits Lily’s head like this:

jumper on lilys head

…then after a slight struggle…

putting jumper on...

…it actually fits rather well!

poppy in jumper

And awww isn’t she a cutie? I’m not doing badly for a non-dog person I like to think!

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  1. I am /not/ a dog person (though different relatives continue to acquire dogs, annoyingly), but yes…she does look cute. Good job!

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