Christmas crafts

Thanks to @antikaggs, Lily had some origami animals to make. She didn’t want to use up the “proper” paper yet until she has the hang of it, so we used some of the plain white paper grandad gave her…
Behold our antarctic animal display!


The next step is a box, currently being prepared, so that they can be displayed in 3-D glory…

In other update news, we had a really excellent Christmas dinner cooked by my wonderful mother in law, a day only slightly marred by lily throwing u as soon as we got home. She appears to have a bit of a bug as she’s still not right today and has only really perked up thanks to the magical power of origami!

And on the knitting front, now that I’ve taken the time to work out how to blog properly from my new toy, I can work through the Christmas gifts I wasn’t able to blog about before they were given away!

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