All in a day’s work (well, maybe a little more…)

Earlier in the week, I posted about how much I was loving the Heritage DK I was making myself some leg warmers with. Steve commented on Facebook about how the yarn would make a lovely pair of socks.

This was not a comment without subtext.

I made Steve a pair of socks for Christmas. This was after the triumph of the non-valentine socks I made him in February which immediately became his “best” socks. However, even as I was making the Christmas socks, the seeds of doubt were sprouting in my head.

The problem was the yarn.

The fab socks I had made for Steve earlier in the year were made using an essentially plain yarn in dark green, but it had flecks of primary colours throughout, for a bit of interest, because I just can’t help myself. Although Steve didn’t object to the colour flecks initially from an aesthetic point of view, he subsequently described them as “distressing”. This is because he. Would look down at his feet, forget about the coloured flecks, and think the yellow flecks were a hole in the sock.

You can see how this would be distressing to someone who was experiencing the foot-hugging loveliness of handmade socks for the first time. These socks basically go through the wash and straight back on his feet, so the development of holes would indeed be very distressing.

With this in mind, I sourced different solid-coloured navy yarn from the interwebs. I was quite confident as I got it from the same auction site as the first yarn, albeit from a different seller. The seller asserted that this yarn was lovely to knit with, both in the blurb and in the note she put in with the yarn. Smooshing the yarn, I wasn’t convinced. It felt a little… Wiry.

I started knitting according to the instructions I used for the lovely-socks, using the same size needles as it was allegedly the same gauge yarn. It looked like a string vest.

Trying again with smaller needles helped, but it was still a little stringy. Nonetheless, given the reasonably high wool content, I was hopeful that they would bloom out with washing.

So, I finished them, wrapped them and put them under the tree.

Sadly, they haven’t come into their own: they have indeed become softer, but they have also sagged quite considerably. I wouldn’t say I’ve had grief about them, but it’s been made clear that they aren’t as fab as the other one.

So I’m guessing the “that yarn would make a fabulous sock” was a thinly veiled request to have some better socks.

So, I ditched the leg warmers plan, unravelled what I’d achieved so far, and cast on for some toe up lovely socks.

Frequent fittings mean that I’m confident these will at least fit at first, even if they subsequently go downhill. Having cast on on Friday evening, by Sunday morning I had this.


And I’m now half way up the foot of sock 2.

And I also got myself some additional yarn, in purple and green. Stripy or fair isle for the leg warmers, do we think?

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