it’s been a while…

…since I blogged about knitting.

With the latest Twist out, and a set of extra surprises, I thought it was time for a quickie.

I have some textured yarn which I want to do something a little different with. I’ve got several ideas in my head for something unique to me, but this Laresca tank top might be just as good…. if I have enough of the yarn!

Looking through, this Brookline cardigan caught my eye. It’s more feminine than the stuff I usually go for, and my width might make it an unwise choice. Also, I don’t usually go for structured stuff, so on that basis, it could be a good choice.

And finally, socks. I think I have some lovely blue sock yarn in the stash, which would be ideal for these Campanula socks. I’m very much liking bluebells, which given how many of them there are around at the moment, is probably a good thing…

So, there you go – my highlights from Twist this season, with apologies to Lorna 😉

Oh, nearly forgot Knitty. This scarf was mentioned to me on Saturday. I may never make it, but I love the fact that it exists, and applaud the sentimentality behind its creation.

2 Replies to “it’s been a while…”

  1. Why with apologies to me? I also spent a chunk of today looking at twist and downloaded a load of stuff. I’m in a cardigan frame of mind a the moment.

  2. Sorry Lorna, it was a reference to your (a while ago) complaint that whenever I link to patterns you end up buying a load. However, you seem to have beaten me to it this time… Me too with the cardigans, it seems!

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