The FO I *can* show you

summer cardi

A crazily short time ago I bought many different colours of yarn and embarked on a summer cardi, Banderilla from Twist Collective 2 years ago. Strangely, it doesn’t seem that long ago since it was published. But then, I’ve knitted another cardi from that same edition already, so it must be a while.

The original is made from cotton. I’m not a big fan of cotton. Generally, it sags and doesn’t give warmth. Having consulted Mark@knit-wise, I didn’t go for a bamboo/cotton mix (although, given his reaction I’m now intrigued to try it with something) and instead went for an all-plastic yarn.

At the time, I stated my intention to have this cardi done for the beginning of July. I’m going to a conference on 5th/6th July and I’m thinking this will help me to be memorable. There was also a secret sub-target of Steve’s cousin’s wedding which is next Saturday.

When I stated this goal at knit & natter, having spent 2 days casting on, comments were made about the ambitious nature of this deadline. Clearly my friends at k&n don’t know me *that* well or they would have known that they were busily waving red rags at my horn-adorned features.

The colours are mostly in stripes and dutifully, as suggested in the pattern, I sewed in my ends as I went. I cold see that leaving them all to the end would probably mean the cardi would never see the light of day. So I made myself stop periodically & get the needle out.

There was the odd hitch along the way, but generally it grew at a satisfying rate.

wrinkled fair isle

I wasn’t very happy about the fair isle bits. I pulled the carry-overs a bit tight, which is what makes it pucker up a bit, but I don’t do multi stranded colour work very often so am willing to forgive myself. I certainly wasn’t going to re-do it, which Steve’s cousin suggested. I assumed he was joking, and if not, Toronto is far enough away that he can get away with that shit.

I was a little daunted about sewing in the sleeves when I noticed that there was stripe matching to be done. The top of the sleeves had ended in a way not entirely matching what the pattern said it should, so I was concerned that this would have thrown out the stripes.

It turns out, not so much, and I’m definitely growing in confidence when it comes to sewing in set-in sleeves. I’ve done a few lately, or so it seems!

The knitting & stitching were finished a while ago and all my fab new cardi was waiting for was buttons. I bought the buttons when I bought the yarn, but hadn’t bought appropriate thread to sew them on with. When Joel got me out of bed at 05:50 this Saturday morning I decided that today was the day to get the damn buttons on. I used the main colour – lilac purple – which is also the colour of the button bands.

And so, ta-daa. One very bright summer cardi, complete with buttons. A week ahead of schedule.

finished cardi

And, the title of the post: I finished 2 other things today, but as they are for people who read this blog, I can’t show them to you…yet!

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