Prepared, for once…

I’m writing this in our summer, just after my birthday, but you will be reading it mid-November, just after my sister’s birthday.

For once, I am prepared ahead of time! Usually I remember Karen’s birthday the day before and have a mad panic (or not ~ after living in Australia for 16 years she’s well used to me being rubbish about birthdays) however, this year I started planning for it in the spring (our spring, not theirs).

It kinda happened by accident. There was some lovely textured linen & cotton yarn on sale at my LYS – a whole packet (10 balls) for not-very-much, and even without having a project in mind I accidentally bought it. Sadly, the bargain was a little offset by the parking ticket I got that day as well, but let’s not dwell, eh.

So when I got home, I set to thinking what I could make with this. The thought struck me that a summer top for Karen would be a good plan, PLUS I had plenty of time to make it. The only downside was that the yarn I had bought was cream. I thought most likely that cream wouldn’t suit my sister as her complexion has an aversion to Yellow. I remembered that there was some pale russet of the same yarn at the shop, so resolved to go back and get it.

You’ll be relieved to know it was still there when I went back. Apparently Ormskirk was short of impulse yarn-buying suckers that week…

For a while I’ve wanted to make chic knits’ sabine top – I had bookmarked its predecessor which was discontinued. I like the reverse 4-1 rib effect. I’m concerned, however, that although the cross over effect is good for my large chest, the clear line above which one’s boobs are supposed to perch might be a tad too high. I was less concerned about this on Karen’s behalf as her jugs are smaller. So I went for it.

sabine in progress

The body grew quickly. At the point where one divides for the cross over, though, I came a cropper. It turns out that this needs considerably more flexibility than DPNs require, and I don’t have/couldn’t find enough circulars the right size. If I ever tackle this pattern again, please remind me (LOUDLY) to gather together enough circulars. DPNs here were truly painful.

However, the gauge and my enthusiasm meant that I kept at it, and sure enough a top was born.

I adjusted the pattern to add short sleeves rather than the long/no sleeves of the pattern. Here’s an image of my pattern adjustments…

pattern adjustments

It took me a while to get round to buying matching thread as I didn’t fancy trying to sew it all together with the bobbly yarn. I did have thoughts of adding a (couple of) buttons to highlight the cross-over, but to be honest I don’t think it needs it. I even went so far as to buy some eclectic beads to go around the bottom of the bodice, but again, I think that would be overkill.

What do you think?

finished aleita/sabine

Lily took this picture, and when I said the top was for antikaggs she was “Why are you giving it away? You look really nice in it.” I was really pleased. She’ isn’t old enough to lie about this stuff, I like to think.

finished sabine 2

As it happens, I have some cream yarn which is exactly the same in every way except for colour. One to get done for next summer, possibly… which will give me time to track down the relevatn circular needles so I don’t take an eye out. Again.

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