Late night cookery

A week and a half ago, we set off our first batch of elderflower champagne. Unfortunately, on checking a couple of days after kick-off, it had started to develop mould. I can’t help feeling this is divine retribution for my constant banging on about how easy elderflower champagne is and why don’t more people make it.

At this point, I should probably own up to being less than sterile than this process probably requires. If I rinsed it with hot water, that was pretty much the best I did. My colleague Ian (research study manager – hobbies: killing research, gardening and making stuff with garden produce) chastised me for this and pointed out that this laxity was probably why the soup had formed. His work involves precision and attention to detail. This is why he rarely has to ditch batches of anything.

So last night I ditched the green soup, and washed the bucket properly.

This evening, having acquired more lemons and more sugar, I set off another batch. Lily wanted to Do Cooking as well, so we worked in parallel. She didn’t read the recipe as much as she can, or as much as I would have wanted her to, but did pretty much everything else. Oh, and she was too CHICKEN to crack the egg, so she got Daddy to do that bit.


Joel helped with lemon squeezing, playing on the Wii and putting out muffin cases. Oh, and putting muffin cases away (Putting Things Away is a new Theme in our house. We’re all encouraged to do more of it).

– Please put these on the bottom shelf in the pantry

– This pantry?

– Yes. On the bottom shelf

….goes into pantry and comes out again…

– Mummy, I put them on the ABSOLUTE bottom shelf (in somewhat of a challenging tone of voice)

– Good, thankyou, that’s the one I meant

– Oh (slightly disappointed)

The apricot muffins are looking good. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the Elderflower Champagne.


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  1. I think I have been well summarised. I shall keep my fingers crossed for your champagne, and my wine (when it’s dry enough to pick the flowers…)!

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