mmm… look again

Stephanie made Lizette.

In this post she describes how she’s not sure it’s right for her. Pretty much all of the reservations she has about making & wearing it (her phrase of the previous day “(I mean really.. where do I think I’m going to put my breasts in this?)” is pretty much what I thought when I first saw it), I wholeheartedly echo.

The lovely design sang out to me, really very loudly in a KNIT ME NOW kind of way – never mind that I have many things on the go at the moment – THIS has to be made for me NOW.

And then I did a sanity check. The models in the picture had no breasts (or at least, not Significant Ones). Which in the case of this garment, appears to be an advantage. So I haven’t knit it. However, Stephanie appears to have ignored those voices and has gone ahead and made it.

I might have to think again.

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