So far so good…

My last injection took place at The (swanky) London clinic this afternoon. First they did a blood test to do a white blood cell count, after which they would either halve or double or no change my injection dose, depending on how well I’m doing at making them.

It turns out, I’m doing pretty well, slightly above target, so the dose remained the same. At which point the nurse brings out a really big syringe and said “I’ll just do the one injection for you.”

Dare I say, eep?

They checked my veins again for big needle & cannula-tasticness – apparently its all good. I’ve to report back tomorrow at 5 to 9 and make sure I get both a white and yellow piece of paper from reception (!)

I’ll leave it there as WordPress isn’t playing ball with me nicely at the moment – my iPad app keeps crashing & accessing through the Internet on an iPad is less than satisfactory, it seems…

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