Sale bargain! Or, how to short cut your knitting “to do” list

new slippers!

I have, among the several items crowding my new year knitting to-do list, a new pair of slippers to make for me. Our kitchen floor is quite cold (less so with the aga on, but still a bit chilly in the am) and so barefoot is rarely pleasant.

However, the fab pair I was given last Christmas was deteriorating at the sole of the big toe and occasionally got a bit precarious in the not-going-flying stakes.

On an “essentials” trip (side note, Joel now has enough moshi monsters pants that he only has to wear them for 2 days on 2 days per week instead of 6 days and then resort to briefs) to M&S, I spotted a simple fleecy pair in the sale.

You can hardly see I’ve got them on, which is quite a good thing, they will combine well with leg warmers, which I’m confident will be fashionable again any day now, and most importantly, my feet feel like they are about to burst into flame.

And now I have until these ones wear out to knit some replacements!

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