Pyjama Muncher

This was a Christmas gift for The Other Lily. The guidance I was given was “something fun” and if there’s a colour choice and its for her bedroom, make it orange.

I couldn’t find a chunky orange in my LYS so Mark (the glamorous assistant at my LYS) suggested knitting a strand of almost-fluorescent orange with a strand of dark yellow. I was a bit dubious but gave it a go. Turns out it wasn’t a bad plan – still pretty much Orange, but with a bit of texture.


I cast on too many stitches, so reduced some in the hairline which meant that the seams aren’t on the sides for the top half. Otherwise it would have been too big.

Using the power of the Internet I learnt loop stitch for the hair. That’s fun – I’m pretty sure I can use that again somewhere! I knitted the seams up as I went along with the intention that when I’m done, I’m done, with minimal stitching up to finish off. There was a slight mismatch on one side which I’m not really sure how it happened, but I don’t think you can tell.


I added a button hole yarn-over a couple of rows from the end and added a re-purposed wooden bead I’ve had since forever. It might even have been handed down to _my_ mother! This could stand more buttons I’m sure ~ maybe next time!

The eyes are made from felt. I could have knitted of crocheted them, but I think this looks better and had the added bonus of being faster.

I think it went down OK. I haven’t been pestered for one by our lily although she’s started knitting herself and is making a doll. I’m under pressure to come up with a pet. Pass the Best In Show, Deb!

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