zen and the art of running

I need to do something to get fit, and it seems I work best with a target and the risk of public shame. A group of my work colleagues are running the Manchester 10K and are encouraging others to join them.

I haven’t committed to joining them because, well, it’s running and I’ve never really taken to that. However, some things are looking good: we have a running machine. This means I can run without going outside and being able to stop before I get raw throat from having run too far. And no-one has to see the bright red colour I go unless I choose to run outside, when I’m better at it.

I’ve never been great at exercise, but I think adopting the attitude endorsed here might help me to have a better positive approach towards it. If I focus on the satisfaction of having been for a run rather than the dull discomfort I experience during a run, then that might help.

Also, new running shoes. My best shoes for running at the moment are fake converse where the sole is failing, and that can only lead to injury & problems me-thinks.

Let’s all see how it goes, eh?!