Whistling-schmistling sands. However… pebbles!

So, the next day. It’s fair to say I was very much up for sitting on my arse, however we agreed on a light stroll on a lovely beach – whistling sands.

The Internet was utterly PANTS at telling me where this beach was. I could find out lots and lots about it, but no map with a “go here” big pointy arrow, made even more frustrating by the ropey signal and tortuous download speed I was operating under.

We agreed it was “somewhere near Aberdaron” and signposted, so we set off. As soon as I was sat in the car with the OS map in my mitts, I spotted it, right there on the coast to the north of Aberdaron. Job’s a good ‘un.

Turns out, the adjustment from navigating on a phone with a moving blue dot to using paper with… no moving dot but quite a high level of detail, while initially taking some brain work, was totally fine. I’ve still got it, to the point where I was saying “in about 100 yards there’s a sharp right then left bend in the road, with a road going off to the right”. Arguably more detail than the necessary “stay on this road” but I was enjoying myself.

We got there without getting lost *at all*. Well done, me.

steve & joel on whistling sands

sweeping vista

The sand is so called because it makes a whistling noise when you stand on it. Turns out, it needs to be dry (it wasn’t) and probably have the sun on it (it didn’t). So, it was relatively crunchy, but no whistling.

However, it did have the odd exciting rock formation at its eastern end…

pretty rocks! more pretty rocks!

@antikaggs any idea what these might be?

I leaned against them while taking this…

not-whistling seas

You don’t get the same effect on photos but it always fascinates me how the sea looks like it’s going uphill, although I know the water is overall basically level and the sea bed goes down. Unless there’s a tsunami and I haven’t experienced one of them so far.

Anyway, walking back, Lily was in full-on beach combing mode – there were quite a few unusual & pretty stones although to look at the beach you wouldn’t have guessed it.

the obligatory foot shot

So, as we went up the track back to the car, Lily was struggling to carry all the pebbles she wanted to bring back. We filtered, yet still when we got back to the car Daddy made a comment along to lines of “oh, we’re bringing (yet more) stones home with us are we?” I just smiled & enabled.

After all, a couple may have also fallen into my pocket as well…


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  1. Deffo metamorpohic- mudstone, could be a bit of iron there- pebbles seem to be sandstones- red ones also iron rich. Tasty…
    Reminds me of some weathered coal I saw once in Yourkshire…

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