I’ve started, so I’ll finish… One day

One of my holiday knitting projects is actually crochet.

I got the pattern and yarn for this project in 2011. Because I bought them independently of each other, and the gauge was defined as “4 motifs in pattern stitch = 3 1/2 in wide, 20 rows in pattern st= 4 1/2 in long” it took me ages to work out what yarn I needed. From looking at the picture, and using the expertise in Mark’s brain, we settled on 4ply mercerised cotton.

I spent a lot of train time doing the skirt bit of the top.


It’s pretty, but jeez it took a long time.

I’m now working up the back and have shaped armholes. The end of this part is in sight, and yet I’m in the zone where I work at this thing for what seems like hours, yet no increase in length can be detected…


Plus, each row takes ages. All I can say is that this had better be a full-on timeless classic, because by the time I’ve finished it, fashions will _definitely_ have changed. I knew there was a reason I prefer knitting… Plus, it would have been nice to be able to wear it this week!