The blogging about the walking

I haven’t officially signed up to juneathon as I’m not convinced there is room in our collective schedule for both of us to be running daily. Where Matthias is going body-builder and Steve & Lorna are running like crazy people, I’m enthusiastically embracing the “do *something*” plan.

Today I walked along a beach and up a hill. I would have done it anyway, so does that mean it doesn’t count? I got in trouble for putting down all the clobber I was carrying before buying ice creams before leaving the sand, which is why I was slow in pausing run keeper. So yes, I did a leisurely walk along a squishy-sand beach, followed by a route march up a steep lane with a back-pack, folding chair and 2 buckets. And when Joel tried to give me a spade at the top of the hill, I failed to notice, trod on his foot, walked into him and pushed him over into nettles.

Go me. And bring it on. Ahem. 20130602-082625.jpg
This is from Saturday 1st ~ the 3G signal failed me last night…

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