Next up…

Clearly I have many knitting projects on the go because, well, I’m me, but the new underlying theme is this.


My plan is to put a fun-size chocolate bar in each and flog ’em for a minimum donation of £2 each, proceeds to a suitably heart-rending charity (either the CCRF where I used to work or a charity that one of my colleagues runs for research into the condition his daughter has)(it depends on what compromise is necessary to be allowed to sell them at work 😉 ).

If you want some by mail I’ll omit the chocolate & you can have them for. £1 each and £1 towards postage. I’m going to make some green ones as well, and as with the Easter chicks there is scope for either wacky colours or more tasteful ones. If you have requests, get them in! Also, if you’d like to join in and knit some, knock yourself out – here’s the pattern I’m using Jean Greenhowe’s Mini Christmas Stockings (pdf).

The Easter chicks were surprisingly popular last year, however there is a higher proportion of men and a ready supply of chocolate in my current workplace – so we’ll see how it goes. If you see pictures of our tree at home and it’s festooned in mini knitted stockings, you’ll know I didn’t sell them all!

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