Steve was away at the weekend which meant that on Friday night I got to choose what we watched on the TV. Scratch that, I got to choose what *I* watched on the TV. After the children went to bed. Before that, we watched 3 episodes of Dr Who in place of the usual Friday night film & pizza night. We kept the pizza in the mix, just ditched the film in favour of the programme of the moment.

I took the opportunity to watch something I’ve had my eye on for a while – 50/50. Starring Joseph Gordon Levitt, who I’ve liked since he was the child in 3rd Rock From The Sun, the review on five live’s flagship film review show was good. The premise is that JGL’s character is diagnosed with a tumour on his spine in his late 20’s, a cancer which typically has a 50/50 chance of survival, and the film follows him through treatment, his family and friends’ reactions, and so on.

It’s very good. There is a touch of humour, it’s not laugh a minute, and it’s nice to see Seth Rogan, who plays JGL’s best friend, in a serious role. Although, I said that about the last film I saw him in, the title of which I can’t remember just now. It was something like The Last Tango (I’ll have to check that). It was a quiet companion for the evening – some laughs, some smiles, a fairly predictable denouement, but it’s all the more satisfying for that. I cried more than once, but it wasn’t in any way mawkish.

I managed to remain knitting obsessed, as when JGL’s character loses his hair he takes to wearing hats. As he’s in Seattle, he can wear nice knitted hats. My favourite was black with a grey, red and white stripe. Mmmmm, knitting.

I left with a similar warm, wistful feeling that I had after I’d watched The Station Agent. One to go back to one day, and I may well make Steve watch it as well.