Garden update… monster rhubarb and yet more onions

This update is a little late in coming as I had intended to do 2 days gardening ending with an update, but failed to do the second day of gardening… You just can’t get the staff.

So, one job that I *knew* needed to be done in November was lift and divide the rhubarb. This behemoth was planted at least 6 years ago and hasn’t been touched since then. So I knew it would be 1. quite big, and 2. really quite comfortable in its bed. It took a lot of digging around and there were quite a few worrying cracks as I tried to lift it. I *think* they all came from the plant, but I can’t be totally sure… Anyway, once out of the ground, I separated it into two bits, some other bits fell off, and I prepared to re-plant them in two roughly equally-sized clumps.


They were quite large clumps – as you can see here with my foot in for scale. I re-planted one in each front corner of the old plot, which meant digging out a large corner of the bit I haven’t worked along to yet – that end strip was actually surprisingly easy to dig which means that now I only have about 2 feet of the old bed not dug.

The onions I planted a few weeks ago are doing very well – I’m just hoping that having leaves above ground is what’s meant to happen through the winter. I guess we’ll find out!

old onions

(for the observant and sensitive, I have removed the animal poo that can be seen in the top left of this picture, nestling among the mulch)

And I also planted the rest of these onions, a row of some sets that Joyce gave me which look like they might be a mixture of white & red onions, and 2 rows of broad beans. Plus mulch.

new onions

…and then the next day’s big achievement was digging another hour or so of strawberries out of the New Bed, so the panoramic view looked like this by the end of the weekend (click for full pano effect)