In which there is packing, and not much travelling …yet

Preparations for leaving Ken’s house were… Messy. We are bringing with us a lot of donated clothing, quite a few bags of sweets, and a load of school bags that were donated by the College of Surgeons (Si please note use of the Oxford comma there, thank you). Between 10 & 12, the house was a riot of suitcases and stuff being passed back and forth. I now have, in addition to my really heavy suitcase, another two small cases, one of which is packed with men’s trousers. I hope my actual case doesn’t go AWOL and I’m left with …stuff I can’t really wear.

We flew out from Gatwick, so had a rainy drive around the M25 as if to remind us of what we’ll be missing weather-wise.

Ken likes to leave a lot of time at the airport, in case of… problems. Today, the problem was not insignificant, but thanks to Ken thinking ahead, was reasonably quickly resolved. He had checked our baggage allowance at Heathrow, and had the info that we each had 2 x 23kg. Check-in man said 1 x 30kg. We have an average of 42kg per person. A short visit to the Turkish Airlines desk, some wrangling and pointing at screens and it was all confirmed that we could indeed check in our many, heavy bags.

I think my favourite part of this incident was Jake’s impression of Ken’s happy I-was-right walk that he was going to be doing on the way back.

We were an hour late leaving which means we really will be arriving late at Ataturk. There was a shouty lady at the gate at the airport. There was a small amount of snow after take-off. But as I write this it’s cleared up and I’m looking out over… I think Belgrade. It’s hard to tell from this height in the dark.

And for far I’ve watched “The 100 metre journey” and have just embarked on “About Time”. I’m noting this because when I went to the USA last year I watched 4 films and it took me a long time to remember what they were (I think, The Heat, the way way back, Star Trek and date night) (I’m quite the Steve Carrell fan)

Update: Turkey has removed flickr from my iPad, it seems, so I’ll add a photo from Nairobi…

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  1. I was on your side regarding the oxford comma! It was Maria who wasn’t :p. Also the Heat is a cracking film! Good luck with everything!

    And yes, Judy Judy Judy Judyyyyyy and whatnot.

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