Another busy day (Monday)

Breakfast at Lizpal

Yesterday was the first day for PaR breakfast at Lizpal School. Ken was very pleased, as it turns out, everything could have happened without us there. John, the PaR local rep, got to the school early, made sure the food had been delivered, and made sure everything was prepared to schedule for the uji to be dished out at around 10am. We got to step in and take the glory, basically, by dishing it out. The children are asked to bring a cup from home (they are all plastic of some kind) but the school provides some for the children who don’t have. The teachers get to have some as well. Other than me and Jake accidentally pouring some over each other’s hands (turns out, it’s quite hot) it all went smoothly and there was plenty to go around.

The chorus of “hello!” And “thank you!”, in particular from the littlies, was really very touching.


After breakfast we went to Glad Kids to hand out school bags to the year 7 & 8 children – these are the last 2 years, but it’s impossible to put an age on the children as their ages vary a lot. The children attend school when their parents can afford it, so some are as old as 19. Remember these are Primary schools we are working with…

The picture above is where high-five-ing the children pretty much turned into a “Life of Brian” moment where the kids just all hung onto Jake’s arms. He’s been missing the gym, so I helpfully pointed out this could be a good moment for some weight lifting (lateral lifts, anyone?)


This is what happens when you ask for their best funny faces.



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