not too much walking. But actually quite a lot of walking #blister

After yesterday’s very sore leg at the end of the day, it was decreed that I should not walk much, and Emma has very kindly lent me her flight socks to try to avoid ankle-swelling.

My first task was to go with Mary, Excel’s deputy head, to get a dongle so that internet access is possible from the school’s new donated laptop. The process would have been a lot faster if I had remembered to check Mary had her ID with her before we left the school. We got to safaricom and checked – ID is indeed required to register a SIM, and so poor Teacher Andrew had to drop everything and come to meet us. Having been assured it was a “plug and play” device, we packed everything up and headed back top school. We did some research and got prices for a 50L water tub and tap on the way, so that we can set Excel up with a hand washing station as soon as possible. We got prices, but having seen The Negotiator in action yesterday, I was hesitant to go with a no-discount price. And so I was sent back to get both items before lunch.

Once back at school, I had a go at setting up the dongle and it turns out, with the exception of a brief moment of confusion over having to enter a PIN I didn’t know anything about (it was on the SIM card credit-card-sized thing) it was indeed pretty straight forward. I pinged Steve a gmail chat and quite naturally he asked what I was doing that I was in touch in the middle of the day…

We are setting up a health record of the children so that we can monitor growth, so I did some cross referencing and copying of names once I’d eaten.

In the afternoon, Vish and I were sent to check out a couple more potential schools. One was just around the corner but the other, although it was close, was an adventure journey all on its own. We went through a door at the side of the road, down an alley, through a forest, through a ravine, over the railway tracks, across a boggy stream and then we were there. On the way back we were buzzed by a massive flying insect and almost trampled to death by a rampaging herd of runaway goats. We barely made it back in one piece.

Friday evening is very busy in the world of Matatus it turns out – we ended up taking a “proper” bus, although it’s still the kind of vehicle that makes you confident that the owners would struggle to tell you what “MOT” means.

So we’re back, eating dinner and writing up reports. Or faffing about. I’m busy elevating my leg which now has a blister at the end of it as well as whatever damage is there already.

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  1. hi,good work how can our community charity program collaborate with you on the community feeding program for children in Kenya especially in the county of kajiado which is a semi arid environment.

    best regards.

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