The tension between stuff-I-need-to-do and the desire to sleep/sit on my arse is almost unbearable. Joel was keen for me to get up at 8 which, given that I slept until 0730 (hurrah for nearly over the time difference – I woke up at 0430 the last couple of days) wasn’t something I was super-keen to do.

We also discussed homework:

me: what homework do you have, then?
joel: maths, spellings and learning log
me: *big groan* oh no, not learning log
joel: it’s OK mummy, this one isn’t so bad – I have to do 3 things and I have 3 weeks to do them in
me: Oh, OK, well I suppose that’s manageable (while trying to think if we have anything planned for the next 2 weekends and work out if we need to do 2 today to stay on top of it)
joel: *pause* except that this is the second weekend, and I haven’t done any yet.


So today brings food planning & buying, laundry and 2 lots of learning log homework. Huzzah. Oh, and Steve will be back this evening.