Let it snow, let it snow…


Just a quick trip out in the garden this morning to do some tidying (litter-picking~ I’m hoping mostly blown in by the wind) and rake over the soil I moved around last week, then tidying up the patio pots a bit.

Tidying up the fence is underway as well – we had a chap come around to give us a quite and we just need to check with the council what we want to do, as the two hawthorne trees are right on the border (we think on our side) and the ground is in no way level or solid, which makes putting a fence on it a tad tricky.


The rhubarb is starting to grow, which is awesome as I was a bit concerned that moving & dividing it was fatal. Clearly not. The clump under the rubbish bin is about twice the height of this which bodes well for a harvest & wine making. Om Nom.


I finished with some tidying of the patio pots – getting rid of the leaves & helicopters which have gathered and removing dead stems.

It had been drizzling lightly while I was out there, allowing me to road test my new rain Mac, acquired from a charity shop last weekend, and just as I stepped inside, massive snow flakes started falling, almost as though the weather was waiting for me to give in.

This afternoon will all be indoor activities – we have tickets to see “Big hero 6” at the seaside – hopefully we won’t get blown away!