Another lovely Saturday means I get to spend a bit of time in the garden. We are well within the window of opportunity for getting stuff in the ground, so I’m going for it now. I used the small bit of tree you can see in the vegetable patch as a stool to rest on while I read the instructions about depth & density of planting. I left a bit of a gap and shored up the change in height between the left & right side of the patch with a rotten old plank. The gap will eventually be filled with companion planting – marigolds and nasturtiums – or possibly something else, depending on my seed-buying promptness and how pesky the pests are.


New crops, then, are assorted lettuce (free to National Trust members from the Sarah Raven site – where I ended up getting the rest of my recent seed purchases from #marketingthatworked), carrots (they are a fly-resistant variety, but I still want to get some fleece just in case) – and a gap left for some staggered planting – 2 rows of garlic and a row of onions. Then I overflowed to the raised bed at the right (I remember giving them funny names, but will have to look back to see what they were  – clearly they weren’t so obvious that I’ve ended up remembering them). In the new bed there is another row of onions and a row of spinach. I also planted the 3 potatoes that I’ve been “chitting” om the window sill for about a month.  I don’t have high hopes, but can’t really put my finger on why. Every other year I haven’t planted any potatoes and yet have wound up with a fine old crop – usually in the  compost heap. I transplanted a couple of potatoes from the compost heap in the autumn, and then haven’t seen any sign of them since (I since found out that when building up around potatoes you’re supposed to leave some leaves above ground, you live & learn). I also transplanted one I dug up which was sprouting, with no leaves, but that, too, disappeared without a trace. The message I’m taking away from this is that my potato growing technique needs to be so passive as to be completely unintentional, otherwise the spuds rebel and die just to spite me.

There are plenty more crops in the pipeline, but some need to be planted later than others. I also have a schedule laid out for rhubarb wine making, starting in a couple of weeks – the forced stuff is a good 8″ tall under its dustbin, and you can see how the other stuff is doing.

Lily came out to help and so I had her plant a row of onions and empty the watering can over the newly planted stuff. We have agreed that she can have the patch behind the new rhubarb to grow some things of her own. I may be generous and clear the weeds off – or I may  not!

II had a happy plan of planting more broad beans – I used to hate them as a child, but am now of the opinion that there are few things nicer than a fresh broad bean. Sadly the dozen or so seeds I had left from the autumn had started to go mouldy, and I’m not willing to risk the wasted space if they fail to germinate.

So: shopping list is for more carrots and some broad beans. And some fleece. I thought I might need to get some more short canes for marking rows, but then hit on the genius plan of breaking the long sticks I have into short sticks. I’m aware that this may leave me short of long sticks, but in the short term I’m not worried. I have quite a few. I *am* out of llabels, though, so I will have to fish a milk carton out of the recycling and get chopping.

In house-related news, we had a chap in to do some plastering today. More years ago than either of us care to admit to we (and by we, I mean Steve) attempted to cover over the stippled artex in the back hallway with some “smooth-over”. It turns out smooth-over is really hard to get smooth if you’re covering something really spiky, so it has been in a semi-completed state ever since. Well, today it became actually nearly-smooth. I think it could still take a light sanding before being painted, but it’s very much closer than it was and will ultimately be all the same colour and look finished. It’s still very dusty (Joel has asked why I haven’t mopped the floor yet. I said he was welcome to butt in and do it for me) but I will clean it up presently.


Tonight is a bit of programming, some crochet (update anon – it’s all VERY EXCITING) and total control of the remote as Steve is away.

footnote: wordpress have a new version of the editor for mobile devices. It’s a big improvement – the main thing I love is that I’ve been able to resize the images without having to mess about with the html. It’s one of those things that I *can* do, I’d just rather not if I don’t have to. Big tick and a star to WordPress 🙂