I live in Ormskirk and work in Manchester. I’m married to Steve, who’s from Abram. I have 2 kids – Lily, born 2003 and Joel, born 2005. My Dad lives 2 miles up the road. My mum died of an out-of-the-blue heart attack in 2010. Steve’s parents live 20 minutes away by car.

The blogs I read include knitting, eco-activists, home-makers, general craft and an apparently disproportionate number of home schoolers and people with ADHD or related problems.

I don’t home school. If I did, I’m pretty sure my kids would never make it to high school, because we would all be in the nut-house by then. I know someone who does, though, and he is a very successful tutor for other people’s children as well. He;s welcome to it, frankly.

I work as a girl-geek at a clinical research facility where I’m one of the two people in the building who know how to do proper clever stuff with the computers. I may not be there for long, but it’s not because they don’t love me. Because they do.

Steve runs Mytechie Solutions Ltd, based in Wigan, of which I am a co-director. We provide kick-ass expert IT support to anyone who calls us and asks for help, mainly in the north west of England.

I’m a brummy by upbringing, although you wouldn’t know it from my accent (I’m told some people would). I grew up in one of the posh parts – a part that still smarts from the injustice that it is, technically, part of Birmingham and no longer an independent Royal Town. From there I’ve lived in Leeds, Winchester, Cricklewood, Twickenham, Upholland and now Ormskirk.

I’ve always been crafty or arty. I blame my mother, who was an art teacher and did pottery at home during my formative years. A few years ago I left paid employment to design & sell counted cross stitch designs & kits. I learnt good lessons, among them being that niche taste cross stitch designs don’t pay enough to make a living. I stopped when Lily & Joel arrived because small children & needles & carefully counted thread lengths don’t mix.

I aspire to be many things, but as ever in my life, none enough to form a strong and focussed ambition. At the moment, I aspire to be a competent homemaker, make a significant contribution at work, to make beautiful handmade gifts for friends & family, possibly going on to sell those same gifts to eager members of the public.

One day, groups on twitter will be clamouring that there’s been a Jude update and they’ll be rushing to buy everything I have.

At the moment, the blog is a record of my half-arsed attempt to be a soulemama/yarnharlot wannabe, including evidence of just how hard I’m not trying.

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