Today I exchanged a dressy top I’d bought for a rain mac, albeit a fairly dressy red one. Bit concerned about what that says about me.

I found a site called craftivism.com – activism through craft. Fully support the idea, which I think knitting squares for OECS kinda fits into. Well, that’s what I’ll tell myself anyway.

Jean next door cut my hair this morning, and the kid’s. My neck feels cold for the first time in months.

“Heroes” started on BBC2 last night. Steve got sucked in and I got told off for getting us hooked on another 6-month’s worth of telly. Turns out it might only be 5 months, and in return I’ve deleted “Brothers & Sisters” from the Sky+ since we’d recorded about 6 episodes and have yet to see one. I don’t really like that Calista Flockhart any more anyway. For got Rob Lowe was in it, though. Dammit. However, “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” starts tonight, so I get me some Josh Lyman action again.

I think possibly the chap in scan was flirting with me on Friday. Scarily both Steve and I responded by saying it was so long since anyone made eyes at me, I would *naturally* have trouble identifying it. We even used the exact same words. Anyone would think we’d been married 10 years and living & working together for at least 1/2 of that time….

Bruiser poo-ed in the house again today. I think we’re finally going to have to reinstate the litter tray, which is a bit of a blow. Once a month or so I could handle, but she’s averaging more than once a week at the moment. Not so good, really.

We’re going to an open air brass band concert tomorrow with M&D. Looks like I bought my rain mac just in time.

Not Guilty!

My friend and former boss Ken has been on trial for alleged grooming and kidnapping. Everyone who knows him knows that he didn’t do what he was accused of. Fortunately the jury in his (re-)trial reached the same conclusion this week. Now, after more than 2 1/2 years, 2 trials (first jury unable to reach a decision, so was dismissed) and several re-schedulings he is finally free to get on with his life without this hanging over him and his family.

Ever since the verdict on Friday, Steve and I have been looking at each other every now and then and going “Not Guilty!” Very, very good news day.

cheese in tesco’s


Joel is clearly too used to me taking picture on my phone. I keep my shopping list on my phone as well as taking photos with it – when I got it out yesterday in Tesco to check what else we needed, Joel started manically going “CHEE!” – so of course LIly wanted in on the act, too.

For the health & safety conscious – yes, Lily’s riding in the body of the trolley, which you’re not supposed to do, but when she sits next to Joel he just keeps slapping her until I move her. And also, Joel has hold of a bottle of washing up liquid which he was taking pretend swigs from occasionally. I took ito ff him just after this photo was taken…


My last knitting post referred to Lily not going to bed very well. Monday & Tuesday she settled FINALLY about 5 minutes before Steve got in from his meeting. He said last night that he thought I was making it up and she wasn’t really up. Tonight, Steve has no meeting and he said to her that we had a lot of work to do after she’d gone to bed. So, clearly we haven’t heard a word from her since.

So, from now on – Steve is in charge as he clearly has the right aura to send her to sleep right away.

Of course, it could be the hour or so of trampolining she did this afternoon, but where’s the moany interest in that?!

knitting update

following on from my post the other day – I’m knitting squares for old folks’ blankets – it’s surprising how much wool the take up really! I’ve joined an internet based group who stitch squares for quilts and knit or crochet same – OECS (operation elderly charity stitchers – http://uk.geocities.com/oecs_central/ ) who prepare quilts for lonely (or maybe not-so-lonely) old folks. Sounds a bit like OCD if you say it quickly – not sure what I’m trying to say by pointing that out, mind. Currently on square number 4 – it’s not going quite as quickly as I though it would, because I’m not getting a very clear run at it of an evening due to a certina little girl not going to bed very easily at the moment….

Recsue(sic) Lily and friend


Lily’s alter ego “Recsue Lily” got to hold a real rescue bird at the Burscough Festival when she met “Itchy” the american burrowing owl. We got to take home one of his friends – sadly stuffed – who is also called Itchy, but has been introduced as “Scratchy”. This is because when told the real owl’s name, I immediately piped up “have you got a Scratchy as well?” all excited, like. The lad (about 13 years old) who was looking after the owl made out as though he didn’t know what I was talking about, which of course made me feel great. Clearly I’ve been watching too much Simpsons.�

Very Wet Carousel Ride


We went to the Burscough Festival on Sunday (after lunch at Granny & Grandad’s). It was very wet – for those not in the UK it has rained constantly since – ooh – January – with the exception of Saturday.  The cricket ground is sodden and the additioanl people going on there on Sunday made it Glastonbury-esque. Lily had a ride on a carousel – the seatbelts were a very sophisticated bit of rope tied around the waist, and the ride was shorter than I would have expected for £1.50 – more follows!

Sawing wood with Grandad John

Sawing wood with Grandad John

We went to Grandad & Granny’s for lunch on Sunday (after church, which is why Lily’s holding a book of bible stories – one tries!) and we got back just as Grandad John had finished doing some woodwork. He obligingly cut another piece, though, so that Lily & Joel could help out. This is actually a panel for one of our kitchen cupboards.

Lily has got the idea that Grandad John (or “John” as she prefers to call him) can fix anything. If something breaks, even at Tom & Joyce’s house, Lily breezily says “It’s OK, John can fix it”. 9/10 times he probably can, but I’m not sure about the relaxed way his skills are taken for granted!



…at the same party, there were ice creams for “afters”. Joel insists onholding the bottom centimetre of his cone which is nervewracking if you don’t want ice cream on the floor. Luckily, the weather was fab, so we were all outside…