Caldas de Monchique


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On the last day of our Portuguese holiday we had to be out of the villa at 10am, but our flight wasn’t until the evening. We went on a day trip up past Monchique to the “top” of the Algarve. Half way up we stopped off at the Monchique spa – somewhere we’ve visited almost every time we’ve been to the Algarve! Here we tried out the timer facility on the camera to get a family group.

Lily the makeup artiste


Lily and Joel discovered my dark green eyeshadow on Saturday morning, and Lily made them both look “blootiful”. The funny thing is that Daddy didn’t notice Joel’s makeup until after he’d seen Lily’s…

Lily’s Shop

Lily’s Shop

Although she apparently wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, at the moment, Lily’s favourite occupation is playing shops. Her stock is fairly eclectic, but it seems everything costs “five-fifty” – that’s inflation for you.

Zombie boy


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Joel had chicken pox while we were away. This attractive picture is the result of a combination of much scratching of the back of the head, calamine lotion and a spot right in the bottom lid of his right eye. He had 2 bad nights of itchiness that we knew about, and other than that, was pretty much OK.
Oh, and we probably gave it to everyone on the plane on the way over. Sorry about that!

Move over, David Bailey


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Just outside Silves Castle is a little cafe where we have stopped several times before. While waiting for refreshment, Joel thought he’d take a snap or two of Grandad… with Grandad’s camera. We haven’t found if he actually TOOK any yet, but the thought was there!