Judy’s magic cast-on (short-hand – once you’ve started: under, round & through, through & round)

Wooly Wormhead’s kitchener stitch pdf

Short-hand for grafting stocking stitch: 1)Knit, slip stitch off, 2) purl, 3) purl, slip stitch off, 4) knit.
When you start, just do steps 2 & 4, for last 2 stitches left, do steps 1 & 3

Russian cast-off – more flexible than the classic I was taught and doesn’t have the braid-effect on the edge…

But if you need stretchier still, Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off, while definitely not invisible, is really quite stretchy.

My patterns…

Crochet summer shoes (more of a brain-dump than a pattern, but still…)

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