Ow ow ow ow ow

these are not rhubarb and custard

I’ve eaten too many boiled sweets.

How many is too many? Well, given that…
1. I technically don’t own any boiled sweets, so they are all stolen from the mouths if babes
2. I’m a 40 year old woman
3. I’m on a diet
4. My teeth are on borrowed time and starting to fidget round the edges

…that many is too many. However, it turns out that rhubarb & custards are so tasty that even when I’m conscious that they are making my mouth sore, I keep eating them.

And it’s exacerbated by the cold I’m not-going-to-have-not-a-little-bit. Which means that the whole roof of my mouth is swollen like a big balloon.

I’m not taking paracetamol for the cold (which I’m not having and *certainly* not suffering from), I’m having to take it for my mouth so that I can get to sleep and so that I can eat.

We had nachos at a sporting event we went to last night with 2 kinds of (totally plastic) dip – cheese and salsa. Which do you think did the most pain-related damage?

WRONG!! It was the cheese.

I appreciate that when you have a really sore mouth, asking for spiky chips with spicy dips may seem unwise, but I’m a sucker for nachos. And to be honest, the spikes were the least of my problems.

Ah well, onwards & upwards – I’m sure it will all settle down in a few days…