New Lovely Cardigan

OH MY WORD this cardigan has been the absolutely hardest thing I’ve ever made. The pattern is Poplar and Elm, from Twist Collective a while ago.

The first clue should have been when it took me an amount of time measured (possibly) in years to suss out the basic stitch pattern. Somewhat dispiritingly, I worked out that if you just do what it tells you to do, stitch by stitch, instead of thinking that you know anything about increasing and decreasing, then it all works out just fine.

So, I acquired some nice yarn (Caline by Berroco) in a lovely light blue colour which will go with a lot of my wardrobe and with a lot of the style of things I like to wear, and embarked. I started while on my knitting weekend with Lorna. I know I had the distraction of entertaining a community nurse and being injected with stuff, but I was quite dispirited that in the time it took Lorna to knit the entire back of a jumper, I managed about 4 inches.

cardigan in progress

Nevertheless, I ploughed on.

The decreases for the armholes nearly finished me off. Each bit of the pattern comprises 2 increases and a decrease on one row, then another decrease on the subsequent row. This makes it very hard to work out whether you’ll be able to do all of the matching decreases to go with an increase when decreasing at the edges. I did the start of the armholes about 5 times by which time I’d basically lost the will to live. I only got through in the end by ignoring the stitch count and trusting that it will all be OK in the end.

Many thanks to Theresa at Liverpool who, after I’d got past that bit, suggested adapting the pattern and doing dropped shoulders.

I’m really glad I did the back first, because the maintaining pattern while increasing thing is even more crucial for the sloping wrap-over fronts. Hoever, all in all, it doesn’t look too bad.

Given the spongy-stretchy nature of the pattern, I have for once in my life, blocked the pieces of this before sewing them together…

soaking knitting sleeve blocking body blocking

I didn’t block the sleeves too hard as I quite like the elasticity.

Anyway, having sewn everything together and put the buttons on, I was a bit concerned that it was going to be a bit small. However, I think it might just be about right.

What do you think?

cardigan view 1 cardigan view 2