On target, but with notes

My new extended family, acquired through my Dad, has introduced an important pre-Christmas birthday to my calendar. My step-mother’s birthday is a week before Christmas… Last year was a landmark so this year was a normal one. As things have been a bit hectic round our place (hence 2 blog posts instead of the planned 31) although I wanted to make something for Gill, it needed to be achieveable in a relatively small period of time.

I think it was the Facebook feed of my LYS which brought this fold-away bag to my attention.

As a bit of an Eco-nerd I like to carry spare tote bags with me. Although this is more of a classic buying-oranges bag, it seemed like a good idea, so I dove in.

The mercerised cotton came from knit-wise, my LYS (swings & roundabouts – they give me the idea, it seems only fair to give them my custom). If this was for me I’d probably have gone for red or hit pink – as Gill favours a more earthy, neutral palette I went for the colour usually known as “beige”.

I made one or two adjustments – instead of double crochet around the second/inside rim to join the two circles together, I used slip stitch. It seemed to lie a bit better. Around the top the pattern asked for 5 trebles in each gap. I started following the instructions, but it was coming out awfully frilly and flappy, so I unhooked & did 3 in each gap. That seemed like a good quantity.

Other than that, I did remarkably well on doing as I was told.


So, look: it’s a shopping bag. It’s this big:


…and it’s stretchy. I didn’t do any stress testing, but you’d easily get a couple of days’ worth of fruit in there. Or other things which are too big to fall through the holes.

I wouldn’t advise loose pens and cherry tomatoes may be unwise.

And, total bonus, it folds up into its base, like this:


If I’m honest, I’d like the folded bag to be smaller (it’s large-fist-sized) and the unfolded bag to be a bit bigger, but maybe I’m just after a companion for my moon on a stick. From a design point of view, it’s in perfect proportion – it’s not hard to get all of the bag in the pocket: an extra round or two might make that tricky. I may just need to live with the relative proportions, should I ever get around to making one for me. In pink. Or red. Or maybe purple.

Plus, I only just started the second ball of yarn, so all suggestions of what to do with just under 100g of DK-weight beige cotton are most welcome!