Much under the breath muttering

I thought the iPad keyboard was working. It doesn’t appear to be. So again, this will be …succinct.

That’s the first thing that has made me mutter under my breath. The second is the lack of tension in the luscious Princess Franklin cowl.

Sorry to start with the punch line, but those of you who have been paying attention will know that I was making this exciting accessory for Steve rather than for me. Anyone who has seen him will be able to appreciate that his head is at the top end of the size scale. Although he’s a modest chap temperamentally, his head looks quite large compared to his body – to the extent that my sister cautioned me against marrying him in case head size was hereditary.

It’s fair to say that I didn’t consider this a good enough reason to not pursue the relationship.

At this point, though, it’s importance has shot up the scale.

unwoven cowl

I followed the instructions: I made the cowl/collar the length it said in the picture before joining it in the round. I got Steve to try it on. It was a bit snug, but ok. That should have been the alarm bells moment.

snug collar on steve

This pattern has you weave over the top of the lovely stretchy garter stitch with less stretchy straight thread. I was conscious of this, so made sure to thread with plenty of ease.

Three full evenings of weaving thread through garter stitch later, it turns out, there was no such thing as loose enough with a collar of this circumference.

This collar is now mine. I’ve said I’ll make Steve another, bigger one, but I won’t be able to face it for some time. Maybe in time for next Christmas…