I’m currently…

Listening – to the dishwasher cycling, Matthias typing, the neighbours chatting
Eating – nothing, but the cooked breakfast was tasty and I’m looking forward to lunch at The Wine Bar with Valerie & Steve
Drinking – nothing, but if should be, I’m a bit thirsty…
Wearing – grey sweater dress, “black” jeans, black socks, worn slippers, Casio watch, leather plaited wrist band, hair clip, glasses, underpants, bra, map reference ring, wedding band, engagement rind, stud earrings (one with blue jewel), “love” necklace
Feeling – my butt get slightly stiff from the hard chair. As though I might get a headache if I don’t breathe some fresh air soon
Weather – bright and sunny (so there’s really no excuse!)
Wanting – more relaxation time
Needing – to see someone about my leg which is still sore after nearly a month of not-running
Thinking – about whether I’ve prepared enough for next week’s trip to another continent
Enjoying – this moment, and the anticipation of the year ahead