Howling gales

No pictures today on account of the howling gale which kicked in about 5 minutes after I’d started gardening. The last time I was outside attempting to do stuff in weather that bad was when Mum & I were laying a brick path across the back of the “old” veggie patch. When it got so bad we couldn’t see the ground, Mum finally persuaded me that continuing was folly. The path never got finished…

Today I had got as far as digging over the next area for planting and putting in a row of shallots when my lack of a waterproof layer became ridiculous. I came back in to warm up and get a coat on. Leaving it a short while until I thought it was raining less, I went back out with a hat and coat on. It was awfully muddy, but I managed to get 3 rows of sugarsnap peas, 2 rows of broad beans, and another row of carrots in. Just for good measure I “planted” an old packet of marigold seeds I had. They were a gift from mum so they are at least 5 years old, if not more, but I figured that if I left them in the packet they would never grow. If they do grow, they are good companion plants for the onions and garlic.

My concerns with the shallots are that I’m not really sure what to expect. The things I planted were about the size of shallots I’d buy from the supermarket. Do they divide into multiple bulbs? Or just get bigger? I’m not optimistic about there being any outcome other than I’ve just stored some shallots in the ground for a few months.

Anyway – I’ve scheduled in another plant-a-thon (ish) for next weekend. In the meantime I need to get some tomatoes started, but frankly, by the time I’d got everything else in the ground, I was too darned cold to stop out any longer.