Oh so stiff…

I had another time-ran-away moment in the garden today. Well, many moments: another incidence.

  • Lily, Joel and I weeded the drive.
  • I tidied up the tool shed and found some paper that some mice have shredded.
  • I planted out the tomatoes into the ground and some pots.
  • I planted out a courgette plant. Or 3.
  • I moved some mulch.
  • I set up a trellis for the tomatoes to cling on to.
  • I planted more French beans.
  • I planted chives, basil, coriander and dill.
  • I ran out of compost.
  • I decided that the peas have had more than enough time to germinate, and that the space will be given over to plants that show some willing.

The tomatoes still look very sorry for themselves, but I’m hoping that’s just shock. I’ve watered them plenty, but not too¬†much.

Later on, I tried to get some pictures of Lily making massive bubbles. It’s harder than you’d think. ¬†