Digging out the garden

We saw several things while on holiday that inspired us (mainly Steve) to think about the many marvellous vegetable-related things we could do with the garden… and so we are embarking on a revival and expansion project on the vegetable garden. First, the obligatory “before” picture:

The highlights, above are… a new fence that stretches from side to side of the whole garden #security, and unfortunate gap in the lilac tree screen to the left of the gate, where two of them have mysteriously died :-(, and on the right, the original vegetable patch with 2 years worth of rampant weed growth and bits I’ve cut off trees and bushes around the garden. The bed straight ahead is knee deep in wild strawberries, apart from where it’s thigh deep in nettles. Really, the only things worth salvaging are the rhubarb and the raspberries.

And so, here is the same scene after a day’s effort last week:

I picked up the litter, dug out half of the strawberries, and dug over that bit of the bed, then built one of the new compost bins (a wooden slatted effort, barely visible off to the left, next to the raspberries) and moved the contents of the old compost bin into a combination of the new bin and the emptied strawberry patch. And moved the rhubarb.

Steve was a complete hero, and cleared away A LOT of the old veggie patch. There was all sorts on there – bean frames, wooden planks, piles of dead wood, plus the “hedge” had grown out at least 6 feet from the fence. Oh, and a bit of path that mum & I started to build about 10 years ago. There’s a big pile of concrete rubble in the back corner as well, which he’s moving out of there.

I cut back the lower branches of the lilacs, as they kept attacking me when I was emptying the compost… sadly, the Hayes-manufactured compost bin has pretty much had it – any slots that stay together are doing so more out of habit than anything, by now!

The big tree that’s overhanging the main patch has gone today, as well. We finally got rid of the last mulch pile from the yard over the summer – and now we have a fresh one! Having said that, we have big plans of new veggie patches with mulch paths around them for the big green patch in the foreground of the panorama shots above, so hopefully we’ll get this one moved a bit quicker…