Planting many, many seeds…

Day 2 of last weekend saw us planting up part 2 of the many seeds Steve bought. We are cultivating a herb garden on the newly created bed that has taken the place of where the dead hedge used to be beside the patio. We have several herbs there that have over-wintered under the cold frames, and are now going to have to be brave in the open air now that the frosts are (nearly) done. Next to these I’ve added some parsley and rocket. For some reason,  I seem to be cursed to be unable to grow parsley – I remember my mum having great swathes of it in the garden but every time I’ve attempted to mimic her, nothing has made it above ground level. This is even including laying down a carpet of slug pellets, so I don’t think immediate consumption by unauthorised personnel is the problem 🙁

We’ve planted a load of tasty vegetables as well as some flowers – we have zinnia, foxgloves, sunflowers and dahlias, lavender, which I place in a class of its own – these won’t get planted out until the autumn, so are more of a long-term project. I’m dubious about the dahlias as I remember them being Quite A Problem with mum debating each year whether it was time to dig up the dahlias, or “I must dig up the dahlias before it frosts” and so on. Digging plants up each year isn’t something I’m convinced I can commit to at this stage… I guess we’ll see! Part of me thinks the main problem will be remembering where they are, but as I said – let’s see.

On the veggie front we have cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, butternut squash, aubergines, peppers, celeriac, courgettes (more than we could ever possibly want – 9 of the things would you believe – leeks and french beans. My hopes for the French beans aren’t high, they were quite elderly, but nothing ventured. eh.

All we have to do now is stand back and watch… and occasionally water them. Oh, and I planted a pot of dill because I had the seeds and there’s a vegan sandwich filling I’ve tried before now which tastes of arse unless you have fresh dill in it.