Tired legs and sunburnt necks

We were at the gardening centre before they opened their doors this morning – my plan was to get some next-size up pots for potting into, some plants for the patio and a trellis for the vine. Steve was given a vine for his birthday last year, and so far it’s been wild & free – it needs some support!

Some might say we went a bit nuts, but it’s all going to be very useful (honest guv’nor)… or beautiful 😀

Firstly, the patio – I think this is more “on top of it” than we’ve ever been before. In fairness most of the ones in the picture below were already there, but the fuschia in the middle is new…

populated patio pots

I love this standard chain pot – it was part-payment for a website that I put together for the woman who made it. Part of me wishes I’d got one of her larger pieces, but on the other hand, I’m not sure where we’d put them… I feel like this deserves more exposure – maybe I’ll move it, and see if Steve objects!

We’re very pleased with how the herb garden is coming along, today we added Fennel & Rosemary (I’ve had several min-shrubs in the past, but the one I had further down the garden has been subsumed borg-like by the surrounding bushes…

elongated view of herb garden

The vine is all sorted, of course, in a nice sunny position.

vine trained onto trellis and hanging basket

We did a load of potting, potting-up and planting on. The greenhouse is now pretty much full, unless we add new shelves, and there is a little floor-space.

greenhouse-left greenhouse-right

There are over 10 chilli plants on the floor, which I’m looking forward to having do well, and I’m also very excited about the sweetcorn, which we’re starting off in pots and will eventually plant into the “old” bed that’s currently still under black plastic. Steve is a bit worried he might have killed all the cabbages by re-potting them but quite honestly if he hasn’t killed *some* of them, we will all end up looking like cabbages… we planted quite a lot.

And so to the end of the garden – here’s the pano (click to embiggen)

panoramic view of veggie patch (thumbnail)

We got some protective netting – it just doesn’t feel right to plant out seedlings without *some* protection, even if it’s just against being dug up by cats. So there are nets over the courgettes (attempt #3, the ones I planted out 2 weeks ago have shown zero signs of life, I suspect they were swiped by feathered beings) and butternut squash (which I fear I’ve planted too close together – there may have to be some emergency moving later in the season) and another one over the lettuce, as they are starting to get large enough to look attractive to birds as well.

inside the net with the courgettes

I’ve shored up the potatoes with more soil (although looking at this, they could probably do with even more soil).


I’ve put some fleece over the carrots, mainly because I found a piece in the shed that was the right side. And yes, I’m aware that at this stage I’m watching the horse gallop around the meadow, and there are probably millions of tiny carrot-fly enjoying/preparing to enjoy my carrots, but even putting it on at this stage makes me feel a little better, so nyer.

overview of vegetable patch

And lastly, I may make it a tradition to finish long posts about gardening with an artistic shot of the peas.

pea shoots

And this evening I now realise I should have put sunscreen on my neck. It’s really quite warm.