Summer Shoes (fanfare, please)

A while back – more than a year, thinking back, I had an idea that I would make the summer shoes Athena from Knit on the Net (it used to be free, but will soon be available to buy as a pdf pattern) – and so identified which yarn I was going to use for the top from my stash and set about trying to work out what to do for the soles.

To cut a long story short, I decided to make my own out of string which seems to have worked better than I hoped – although they aren’t terribly substantial, so the next pair I make, I may do double-layer. Especially as it seems the next pair I do are to be for Lily, and I’ll deffo have enough string left.

Then I read through the pattern. It seemed quite bitty and did a few things I didn’t want to do with my shoes – to be honest I’d be happy with plain espadrilles which isn’t far off what I’ve gone for here.

The yarn I’d identified – some lovely burgundy hemp I got at the i-Knit event a couple of years ago – turned out to be (when I dug it out of my stash) far, far finer than I remembered it, and so not suitable for the project in hand. I dove into Mum’s stash and came up with some aran-weight probably-cotton in a nice dark blue. It looked as though there was enough left, so on with the show.

I made the soles, and started on the mains…

Then bit by bitty bit, I worked my way round until ta-daa! Shoes.

summer shoes

And here are my pattern notes, if you want to try to recreate these for yourself!