my husband’s a genius!

We had an x-box brought into work end of last week which had been kicked over, and condemned by another IT professional (or it could be a friend-of-a-friend who allegedly works in the general area of IT) as “it’s the motherboard” and it can’t be fixed. The x-box owner was upset by this because:

  1. it wasn’t like it was dropped from a great height, it was kicked over onto a carpet – they should be more robust than that, you’d think.
  2. you-know-what is coming and Santa may or may not have assumed that the family had a working x-box, and might not have had the resources to develop a plan B based on that not being the case.

Steve just brought it home to test on the TV after working on it today, and it appears to be fixed.

Turns out, he’s a genius (possibly. If it’s still working in the morning. keep your fingers crossed, please, everybody!)

2 Replies to “my husband’s a genius!”

  1. Yeah-x-boxes are known for the motherboard breaking. our son got a second hand one 6 months ago which reently developed ‘the red ring of death’ and they replaced it with a brand new one so he did quite well out of that!!! someone told hubby how you repair them. well done to your hubby

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