This is a Thing, then

I thought I should post an actual post on the timeline so that anyone stumbling across the blog will know…this Sunday I will be running in a 10km race at Weston Park near Telford in an effort to raise funds in support of a forthcoming charitable trip to Kenya that I am doing in January. I’ve set up a special page which tells you all about it – read all about running for Kenya (not *to* Kenya, that would be insane) on its own special page (see the Kenya-ish link on the menu if you don’t click through here)

If you want to donate but don’t really care about the detail, use THIS DONATION LINK to send sponsorship money.

Shortly I will be selling xmas stockings – if you want something special or novelty, get your orders in sooner rather than later.

I had my second set of travel vaccinations this evening so am feeling a little bit pin-cushion-y and there are A LOT of things I’m not supposed to do or touch or go near when I’m there – it’s an awful lot to remember…

ONWARDS & UPWARDS, though, eh?!