today has been a long one of a lot of walking, and I have a lot of stuff to type up so I’ll be brief.

We stopped of a John’s house first thing (John is the PaR rep in Kenya, he lives just by Excel Emmanuel) where I gave the t-shirt and toy that Lily has sent for John’s daughter Mary to Mary’s mother Christine. They seemed very pleased, and I apologised that the t-shirt was probably too small for her already.

After that, John took Emma and I to visit two prospective new schools. We walked a really, really long way, for about half an hour or more, through a number of districts of varying savouriness (several large dumps, many foetid ditches, a series of building materials salesmen, a large formal high school). At the first school, he teacher was away at a meeting so we went to another school a short matatu ride away where the head teacher was there. She seems lovely, was very open in her answers to us, so we will report back to Ken. Then we went back to the first school where the head still wasn’t back. Two of the teachers talked to us instead and were able to answer most of our questions. It was also good to get an impression of the school from the staff’s point of view.

They both seem like lovely schools doing good work – I just wish we could help both of them.

After that we made our way back to Excel and had some lunch – rice with bean stew and a big pile of fresh mango.

Ken and Vish have made progress on the water tank front so it loos like we will be able to get water tanks into both Glad kids and Lizpal this visit – fingers crossed!

We then did more walking to go up to the shopping centre at Junction where there is a Masai market every Thursday. There’s a lot of the same stuff on offer, all lovely but there is a lot of haggling to be done. Ken did some hard negotiating and it’s fair to say he didn’t leave as a popular man. I got some small trinkets for the folks at home, but to be honest most of it goes against my new tidy home policy, so I left a lot of stuff where it was. I met an arsenal and a Man U fan, so I was able to use the excuse with both that they were the wrong kind of red for me to buy from them… although when I said I was a Liverpool fan to the Man U fan, he said “You’ll never walk alone” which suggests he does at least occasionally watch the Premier league. Even if it did come across a bit sinister…

The matatu on the way home were fun. On the first we had no head room so I was constantly worried about being brained. The second one, it was basically dark when we caught it – it had to be ush-started onto the road by 6 blokes, and then the headlamps kept giving out, so the driver was hanging out of the window and tooting for much of the way.

Still, we are back, showered and I’m elevating my sore leg which gave out mid-afternoon but had to keep going nonetheless.

This entry is not brief. I’m going to stop here as I have 5 pages of notes about prospective schools to type up….!