Wahoo glub glub ow

We went whitewater rafting today.

To cut a long story short, it was exhilarating and both more and less scary then I expected.

My least favourite moment was when I fell off and the boat capsized half way down a multi level rapid and made my way down the rest independently, thinking the whole way “safety swimming position!” So that I didn’t die from head injuries.

Next least favourite was going backwards down a 6 foot drop. Emma fell out that time, but we held on to her.

My favourite was all the other rapids where they weren’t as bad as they looked and we didn’t fall out.

I’m burnt to buggery (all the suntan lotion washed off during hour 1 – did I mention I fell in?) and have one elbow that’s significantly more pointy than the other one, and I’ve lost a stud earring (boy, am I glad I took my map reference ring off!), but I’ve spent a shit-load of adrenalin, and had an awesome day.

Oh, and I finally got some knitting done in the 4 hours we spent journeying to & from.

Am now nursing a Tuskers, and debating whether I need to eat before crashing out in my bed…

Ps I gather pictures will be up on the porridge and rice site before too long. With any luck there will be a spectacular view of my big green arse as I fall off the boat.