Making time

We rearranged Joel’s bedroom yesterday – he’s been sleeping under his cabin bed since September last year, but has since decided that a bed at a lower height, or even a normal bed would also work for him. We’ve moved out the rocking chair, which now needs a new home ( either in this house or, preferably, another one) and the room is much better for him. He even has a little den to hide in, still, as there is space under the bed…


As he moved his desk, he noted that he has a lot of bookmarks – 10, to be precise, at least four of them from a time over a year ago when I was drawing, making bookmarks, and the children joined in and pretty much took over.

“I liked doing that, mummy, when can we do that again?”


I feel bad, that for some reason the children feel they need to wait for me before they do creative stuff. I don’t know if that’s because it was using my craft supplies or if they want to be inspired by my presence, but either way, it seems I need to be there.

I guess I’ll have to instigate something soon…