Back to the flowers

For those who don’t know, my mum was a potter. I grew up surrounded by skilfully executed works of art masquerading as everyday objects and didn’t think it was anything unusual, because I thought everyone’s mum could do this stuff.

In much the same way, when I pull my knitting out, the children react in the same way the cats used to respond to concord taking off – a brief eye-roll-ey glance and an expression that sighs “this again”.

However, this evening, when I pulled out my African Flowers project to try to make some progress, I got a “ooh, _that_ looks lovely!” From Joel.


So, I can only assume that it does indeed look lovely. Hopefully the colours are a bit closer to reality than the last time I posted about this ~ I’m told the beige looked like salmon pink which would be a very odd choice indeed. It’s beige, not salmon pink. The project ultimately will become a small bag and I have yet to decide whether some lucky person will get it next Christmas, or whether I’ll “just” use it as a project bag.

I may go for the latter. It is a thing of loveliness, after all.