I’m back, baby!

For about the past 2 months I’ve been suffering something of a lack of knitting mojo, which in the world of knitting is a darned long time. At the beginning of December I was feeling a lack of focus, I had non- knitting stuff that needed to be done, plus I’d decided to knit Xmas stocking decorations, so any knitting effort went in 40-minute bursts which didn’t allow for much creativity.

In November I’d been all about the crochet, and enchanted by African flower hexagons. The enchantment wore off a little when I started to fear my stash-busting project was going to run out of yarn. It’s still salvageable, but I may need to employ some creative thinking to make it work.

However, I felt that something big & engaging was in order to kick-start the knitting love again.

I bought yarn (hands up who’s shocked) at new year for a cardigan that Lily has chosen, Fezziwig by Melissa Schaschwary, with the intention of having it to kick off when I got back from Kenya. I took her to the shop, stood her in front of the right size yarn & asked what colour she fancied. Fairly stunning me, she chose the exact colour I would have gone for – a medium-light teal. You could have knocked me down with a feather. Anyway, having checked 3 times I was convinced she wasn’t choosing it just to keep me happy, so it came home with us. (It’s a lot more green than it looks in the picture below – this was taken with my iPad. I’m not impressed with this camera.)


It took me a few days to re-acclimatise, and it was 6th Feb when I cast on. I dutifully did a gauge swatch and determined that I needed to go down 2 needle sizes to get gauge. I may have slightly overdone it – Lily’s chest is currently 29″, I’m knitting the smallest size, 32″, and in the couple of times I’ve tried it on, it’s looked like although it will fit, she can’t afford to gain too much girth before it’s sweater season again… Or maybe I can get it done for *this* sweater season! since after a mere 5 days I’m on the bottom hem, which means I just have sleeves, pocket linings, button band/collar to do, plus source & attach buttons.

Hmm. Having finished that sentence, I’m not sure now that “just” is the right word to use.

However, it feels like it’s zipped along, and so long as I don’t do my usual trick of leaving the finishing touches for 3 months, we should be reet.

I’m trying something a little different on the 1×1 rib on the bottom – having recently read Ysolda’s top tip on how not to have baggy stitches in your ribbing, I’m winding the yarn the other way round the needle for my purl stitches. This is having the happy side effect that if I knit continental style, the actions are much smaller & neater and feel loads more efficient. The rib isn’t growing as fast as the body did,with its stocking stitch and bigger needles, but I suspect it’s going a damn sight quicker & easier than it would have done had I not decided to do this.

In other news, I finally visited a physio tonight to see about making my legs less sore after over-training in November. Much consternation over the severity of the flatness of my feet (to the point where I felt somebody’s part was being built up a teeny tiny bit), however it turns out there is no permanent damage done. I’ve had a quite painful massage, I’ve got some exercises, and an appointment for next week. It seems orthotics may feature in my future if I persist in this crazy running phase I’m going through, but we’ll see how we go. I may have to learn to love low-impact sports, although how I can do that & still be a Julia Buckley disciple I don’t know. A little more time biding is in order, I guess, before I can truly clamber back on the horse again.

And in the meantime, my hands are now quite stiff from all the enthusiastic knitting with the big yarn.