Quick dash

I got some off-the-shelf orthotic insoles last night, on the hopes that I might be able to walk further than from the car to my desk without causing pain. It was late when I got in yesterday & Steve is the one who does the walking after-dark, so I went out for a quick dash around the block at lunchtime today. I only had about 20 minutes as there were timed support tasks to be done, but I thought that would be enough to whizz round the block.

It’s been so long since I did anything approaching proper exercise that I’d gone about a third of the way before I remembered to turn on runkeeper. If it’s not in runkeeper, it didn’t happen, so by that rule I only walked just under 2km ~ boo!

However, I only over-ran my timeslot by 5 minutes and so far there are no crippling after-effects. These old-lady shoe-props might be just the thing…