Uses for bolted lettuce #1 – pesto

We over-planted one type of lettuce all at the same time. Rookie mistake, I know. Next year we will be planting a variety of stuff at spaced intervals, then we can just eat lettuce.

This year, we are finding ways to eat lettuce that has been around too long, and has become cynical and bitter in its old age. Obviously, the internet has been a big help, here.

bolted lettuce leaves

Here is the obligatory arty shot of unmixed ingredients in a food processor… I lightly toasted the pine nuts to get that slightly-nutty flavour going.

pesto ingredients in the food processor

Here it is mixed together. I added about half as much olive oil as the recipe I found stated, and half as much garlic – last time I made this, vampires were swooning for miles around.

mixed pesto in the food processor

Obviously, I can’t tell you how successful this was, as I made soup at the same time,  and we had that for lunch instead of pesto& pasta. I put it in a jar ready for Steve to dip into for either his lunch or an Emergency Dinner.

I didn’t notice the typo until I’d already printed the label. Let’s call this the deliberate imperfection I’ve put in so as not to anger the gods…

pesto in the jar

And here, for those who care to recreate, is the highly complicated recipe:

very brief pest recipe: head of lettuce; 50g pine nuts; 2tbsp nutritional yeast; 100ml olive oil; clove of garlic. Dry fry pine nuts; roughly chop lettuce; crush garlic; lob everything in food processor; whizz; jar

BTW this is vegan. Those who like to eat animal products can sub the “nooch” (nutritional yeast) with parmesan and you might want to add a large knob’s-worth of melted butter.